Everything you need to know about NACH Mandate

What is NACH Mandate?

Recurring payments are a big part of our monthly finances. From paying electric bills, room rent, maintenance charges and EMIs, every payment is supposed to be kept in mind and paid on time to avoid any penalty. It becomes tough to track all of these expenses and there wasn’t any technological aid for the recurring payments to be automatic in the past.

However, keeping this problem in mind, the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)  has come up with a solution in the form of the NACH Mandate. The NACH full form is National Automated Clearing House. As the NACH full form suggests, this portal helps in recurring payments and transactions without any manual interference. Now, your payments for every month can be done if you fill the NACH form and complete the NACH registration. Also, if you buy any health insurance coverage and register for a NACH facility with your bank, the premiums will automatically recur through the NACH without your intervention.

Now let us proceed further and learn more about the NACH form and NACH registration:

How To Register For NACH?

You can carry out your NACH registration very easily. Follow the steps below to carry out your NACH registration:

  • Go to the official Finserv MARKETS website i.e. https://www.bajajfinservmarkets.in/.
  • Go to the e-mandate category.
  • Provide your details, validate them. Now, click on the “Proceed” option.
  • Verify all other details such as bank information, way of registration etc. Remember to read the disclaimer carefully. Choose wisely and click on Submit.
  • In case you have opted for the OTP mode, you will have to provide the correct OTP which you will get on the mobile number registered with your bank. Enter the OTP and click on Submit.
  • In case you have opted for Net Banking/Debit Card, you will be redirected to the “Digio page”. From there select your convenient mode of transaction and submit after selecting the disclaimer as well.
  • Now, you will be taken to the bank’s webpage.
  • If you choose internet banking, you have to provide the OTP and other login details to verify your mandate.
  • If you choose a Debit Card, you have to provide the card details and OTP to verify your mandate.
  • Once your mandate is authenticated, the bank will be informed.

You have successfully carried out your NACH mandate registration. Your registration number will be visible on the Finserv MARKETS website.

How To Download NACH Mandate Form?

You can download the NACH form online. The entire method is hassle-free and can be done instantly. All you have to do is grant the authorization by contacting your respective bank. Furthermore, the bank will send your details to the NPCI. Your auto-debit will be enabled once the verification process completes.

If you are investing in mutual funds or stock markets, you can go for offline form-filling as well. However, you can avail the online process at any time and from anywhere.


NACH mandate can make your life easier. You don’t have to worry or keep following the reminders to recur your bill and EMI payments. So, follow the above steps and make your registration and avail auto payment facility.

Sources: https://www.bajajfinservmarkets.in/credit-card/nach-mandate.html