The most effective method to Create a Cover For Your Ebook For Free With GIMP – Part 2 of 2

Expecting you have made your title page for your 3D eBook cover from the free layouts you downloaded, presently you need to save it before you go on.

1. Click on File – Save and give it a name. It will be saved as a .xcf record, which keeps up with the layers of text and illustrations so you can return later and change them.

2. Presently you need to transform it into a smoothed picture that you can stick onto your eBook cover layout. Click on Dialogs – Layers. In the principal Gimp window you will see a rundown of every one of your layers. Click on the eye close to the foundation layer. You ought to now have quite recently your cover with no white foundation (simply a really look at design).

3. Right Click on any of the layers and select Merge amazon kdp template Visible. In the window that opens click on harvest to base layer (your fundamental page shape) and dispose of undetectable layers (your experience). Click OK. You presently have your intro page ready for staying onto the cover layout. Click Select – All, then Edit – Copy.

4. Presently go to File – Open, and select the cover01.psd that you unfastened before. Open it. Click File – SaveAs and change the name with the goal that you don’t inadvertently overwrite your duplicate of cover01 – you will utilize over and over once you get snared on making your covers! 😉

5. On the off chance that the layers are not apparent in the primary gimp window, click on Dialogs – Layers. Click on the layer called 3D Render. Click Layers – New Layer. Presently click Edit – Paste Into.

6.Click on Layer – Anchor Layer. In the fundamental gimp window change the obscurity to around 40% with the goal that you can see the eBook cover under your title page. This will make it more straightforward to position and shape the cover appropriately in the subsequent stages.

7. Click on Tools – Transform – Scale. Click on the upper left corner of your cover and drag it down until it has a similar level as the spine of the eBook cover. Click Scale on the window that opens. Presently click Tools – Transform – Move. Hold down Shift and snap on your cover and move it into position so the side is lined up with the spine. You could need to attempt Move and Scale a couple of times to get this right. It could likewise help on the off chance that you focus in on the picture by tapping on 200% on the lower part of your picture window.

8. Presently select Tools – Tranform – Perspective. Click on the base right of your title page and drag it into the front of the eBook cover under to get your 3d appearance. At the point when you are glad that every one of the corners fit, click Transform in the window that opens.

9. Presently you have it! Your most memorable eBook cover. All you really want to do currently is to save it, and afterward save it again in an organization you can use in your digital books and on your sites.